transfer website

Easy way to transfer WordPress site to a new hosting

"Transfer WordPress site is not an easy task".  Currently, In the Hosting Industry, you can show that hosting companies offer the first payment at a discount, and at the renewal time, they increase their...

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost is a Webhosting company, In the digital era, everyone wants to set up a business online. you need to know how to set up and get your business online. Web hosting is the name...
Cloud hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? Why so much Popular

Now in the world, you can hear a popular name cloud Hosting and some of you already know what is hosting. One who does not know about hosting. when we visit a website and...

Detailed comparison b/w Vpn vs Vps

In the digital era, many words are confusing as like VPN & VPS both names are the same but these words have a huge difference in use. you must know VPS(Virtual Private Server) and...
CloudFlare Setting

CloudFlare page and firewall rules for WordPress

hello guys, I know almost every blogger uses Cloudflare CDN because it protects your website from many types of attack. Cloudflare gives the best services and it is also free for a small website....
migrate wordpress website

Migrate WordPress Website to another Hosting

Migrate WordPress website We think every blogger must choose WordPress for blogging or making any type of website. WordPress is a CMS platform where you can create a website without writing codes. There is a...