What is Git and GitHub


What is Github? Every person who is on the internet hears the name of Github. Github is a world no1 community of developers. It was founded by four peoples  Chris WanstrathPJ HyettTom Preston-Werner and Scott Chacon.  They Developed Github in Ruby rails programming languages in 2008. The company Github INC. highlighted in 2007.

Github is a development programme based on web-hosting. They are hosting programme codes in the repositories.

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In GitHub, almost 31 million developers, learn and share our knowledge with one another. In this large community, they provide many facilities to developers because they can easily work on the project.

 Why Developers use Github 

Developers love GitHub because it gives the best environment for the developer. All the needs GitHub fulfill. In the project, you can see that like issues, Pull request, project, insight and much more.

Microsoft buy GitHub

You know that Microsoft acquires GitHub.Inc in the $7.5B deal. Now Github is the product of Microsoft but Microsoft still provides as an open-source. now the comes a good update with a private repository. anyone can create a private repository without paying money that is the big news for developers because they can work easily without publicly our project.

The main point why developers love GitHub because they give more opportunities to learn and fix the issues in a program source code. In the repositories, you can work with your teammates like, you have a project to create a programme then you can easily collaborate with your members and find what is wrong in the code or your project.


What is Git




Git is a distributed control system and we use it for continuous changes in the source code on the GitHub project we need it because we put our project always in our localhost and every time not to open the browser and start coding on GitHub. In that case, Git provides you speed and stability of your project. you can simply handle your repository easily with your machine.


How  to create Github Repository  

You can create a repository free on GitHub and start writing your project. Github gives on our 2018 data that we hosted 100 million repositories till Nov 2018. You can amazing that it is a huge amount and every creator like to work on GitHub.

First of all, you need to create an account on Github and then you can host your repository. Creating of account is simply easy and you can easily create it. then verify your email address. Now you can easily work.


1-) Individual price

github prices

  2-) Team/Enterprise Prices


github team price

you can see this is the prices of GitHub. If you want to buy you can choose a plan according to your need. If you have a company and there are many employs wor together on a project in this case you need an advance plan.


GitHub is a bigger and powerful platform for Developers. I think every developer must use GitHub, there are both plans free and paid both but you can easily work with the individual free. Microsoft buys the GitHub and now Microsoft is the owner of GitHub now and he controls this platform. You can see many changes in the coming days because you know what Microsoft did with Skype, Nokia, Linkedin, and many other companies that bought Microsoft. I think they do not ruin Github’s reputation and relationship with developers.  What you think about it we can discuss this topic in the comment box.

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