In the digital era, many words are confusion as like VPN & VPS both names are the same but these words have a huge difference in use. you must know about VPS(Virtual Private Server) and VPN(Virtual Private Network)  both names starting two letters are the same but the last one is different. The last word makes a bigger difference between VPN/VPS. Server means a machine like your pc with internet called VPS & Vpn hide users’ location and providing a secure layer of the internet for surfing.

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What is a virtual private server

You must know that what is the virtual private server actually VPS is a server that contains hardware also in the market you can see the image of VPS server.Vps Server

This image related to machine and this is a gig of machines/server that are always connected to the internet.

VPS server is widely used for the website. if you have a website and you want to live your website on internet then you need a space where you can put your files.  One machine may be divided into many Vps servers according to its resources and what resource he provided in one part. You can assume that you have a pc and that have 30 GB ram and 2 TB storage and you pc have 2.2 GHz processor now you can cut it resources and distribute different-different person for use and there is a limit on a particular part. This way the Hosting companies sell our servers.

vps server

As you can see that a dedicated server may be divided into many VPS. Dedicated servers are bear heavy traffic many big websites like amazon.com,Google.com, Facebook & Twitter these are the high traffic website and they provide the best performance to a lot of users.

You need to know VPS are mainly divided into 2 part in hosting Industry if you want to buy a VPS server then you need to collect the information about VPS.

  • OpenVZ (lowest price)
  • KVM (Average Price)

As per knowledge, these are the types of VPS and every type have a different feature. i will explain here in a simple way-

  1. OpenVZ knows as open virtualization and they are provided at the lowest cost because in OpenVZ we can provide extra resources to the customer which resources do not have the seller.  As I have 10 Gb ram a server I can distribute 10 people with all of the 10 GB ram OpenVZ work on sharing resources.
  2. KVM is known as the kernel-based virtual machine KVM is better than OpenVZ because there is no overselling problem. In KVM seller can sell a fixed resource to one person it depends on the buyer he uses or not.

What is VPN(Virtual Private Network)

Vpn is a virtual private network and this is created by local or worldwide both state. This is a network where you need to connect with a server and  your location will be hide and create a secure tunnel for surfing the internet. Basically, Vpn is widely used for surfing blocked sites. In the Digital industry vpn price vary because some companies provide vpn at zero cost like vpnbook .  Keep in mind free may be insecure and unreliable some times and many free VPN set a limit for surfing.


Vpn use in companies, Banks and any other platform to transfer their data in a secure way. In the banks, they use a VPN to connect our main server so they are too difficult to hack or data leakage.

Vpn is also used for accessing block websites by geolocation if any website which blocked in the USA then you can use VPN and there is an option for choosing a country to choose other countries and surfing websites.

VPN creates a peer to peer connection with clients. P2P connection is called for connecting two or more computer to share resources and data, not a particular server. P2P connections find in mostly offices because they are connected to each other with a modem and connect to the internet this is the procedure of peer to peer connection of computers.


I explain here both and both have a lot of difference but what is the actual difference between them. you  know that VPN and VPS both are work in a different way.



           VPS SERVER

 VPN server provides secure tunnel on surfing internet. VPS provides resources to a buyer for the running websites.
 VPN servers are providing service free and costly in both terms. VPS server will not get free on the internet there prices are maybe starting at 4$.(this is the min price)
 we access a private network over a public network. VPS is a machine and its resources distribute to many clients.
You Can set up VPN in VPS server. A VPS server never set up in VPN server

These are the main difference b/w VPN and VPS both works are different and VPS handle the websites and VPN handle network integrity.

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Final Thought 

I describe here what I know about VPN and VPS if I missing any step then please inform us we will look into your thought, I assume that you will satisfy with my post I clearly explain both. the final thought is why VPN use we use it to creating a private tunnel with you to your website whatever you search. VPS is another term and we use it to getting your website online with high security and performance.

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