Migrate WordPress Website to another Hosting

migrate wordpress website

Migrate WordPress website

We think every blogger must choose WordPress for blogging or making any type of website. WordPress is a CMS platform where you can create a website without writing codes. There is a very simple way to create your website on WordPress.

The main factor of hosting is SQL WordPress works on Database. if you choose some best hosting providers definitely you will get good performance. If you use free hosting then you will never come in the google result.

If you want to change your hosting provider then you need the information to change your hosting. because some hosting company gives you the benefit of migration. They include migration in their packages but some companies do not give you a backup option then you can

Step by step process to migrate your website

Now I will explain here the full migration process of WordPress. You can easily migrate your website as it is.  it is not so difficult to transfer your data to another host.


Migrate your website
Image of backup option in Cpanel


  • Open your Cpanel and create a full backup of your website. If your hosting provider does not give you the option of backup then you can open your file manager and create a folder after then go to public dir and copy all files in the created folder. Create the Zip of the folder this is also an option in your Cpanel file manager.


Create Full Backup
Create Full Backup


  • Second step to create a backup of your database if you have not the backup option in your Cpanel dashboard then go to PHPMyAdmin and there is an option export/import there you can create your database backup.
  • If you host your email on your previous hosting then you need to backup it also from backup there is no way to create a backup from another way.
  • Open your new hosting Cpanel and click on file manager and upload the zip file into the public_html folder and extract here like the previous hosting file manager.
  • After that open PHPMyAdmin and import the SQL file in your database and click Import.
  • Check your website should work fine. If all steps follow correctly.


These are the important steps to follow to transfer your website to another hosting provider.  if you need to create a backup directly to your new hosting directory then you can fill all the FTP details in the backup option in your old hosting panel. if you do this then all the backup of your website transfer into the new hosting directory. In this way, you will abstain from downloading and uploading extra work.

If you have any problem with migration your website you can contact us to give you all further instructions then you can transfer your hosting simply.


In the end, I will suggest you before migrate your website to take a full backup of your site and save it in a secure path like your computer or cloud storage. In the article, these are the simple steps you can follow them and you can easily transfer your website to another host. If your website a big and popular then consult a migration company or particular person, for example, a person from Fiverr and many other websites. there are many professional workers they can transfer your site for you in a short time and less money.

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