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“Transfer WordPress site is not an easy task”.  Currently, In the Hosting Industry, you can show that hosting companies offer the first payment at a discount, and at the renewal time, they increase their payment by 100-1000%. Customers are thinking to transfer their website but the problem is how to transfer to a new host. If you are thinking then how can I transfer my website to another host?

This is a simple method you can easily transfer your website without any headache. There are many methods to create a backup and simply upload it.

Best Method How to Transfer WordPress Site

If you are planning to transfer your website to a new host then there are simply some steps.

Choose a new Host

First of all, you need to choose a new hosting. If you are thinking about it. There are some suggestions from us which are the top masters of hosting companies.

These are the highly recommended Web hosting providers if you want speed, reliability & support then choose one of them.

Open your Control Panel

When you decided about your new host.  Every hosting provider provides you a control panel where you can manage your domains, files, database, email and etc

Addon domains.

Step by step guide

Take a backup of your main website-

First of all, open your WordPress website which one you want to transfer. Login to your WordPress account and reach the dashboard Section.


You need to add one plugin name Updraft Backup & install it on your main website. Now open it and goto the setting section there you will see many remote storage options.

updraft backup

In the free version, you can use only these options because these are free. The free version of this plugin is very useful you can easily transfer your website simply follow our steps.

  • Dropbox (2 Gb free)
  • Google Drive(15 Gb free)
  • FTP( As your host )
  • S3 (5 Gb free in the free tier only)
  • Rackspace
  • Email.

Remote Storage

I think google drive is the best option because a WordPress website not contains too much storage. Google Drive is the best option for transferring.

Setup your Domain & Subdomain

You need to open your control panel and then add your domain name to your WebHost. after the adding you need to set up a subdomain for your website.

Here you need to create a subdomain for transferring your website. ( You can also add your main domain name in the place of subdomain but you can face errors on your website migration time and it may be down at the time of migration. If you have no issue then you can also add your main domain name.)

Take an example your domain is xyz.com. Create a subdomain name like demo.xyz.com or you can choose any other name. you need to set up a directory location for your main domain just like xyz/html/demo. (You can choose WordPress subdomain location according to you)

The setup DNS server for Subdomain

Now you need to add A name record to the DNS server.

Name Type Host
[email protected] A
[email protected] A

Note- Replace with your hosting IP address where you created a subdomain name.

  • Now you have done you can open demo.xyz.com on your browser if it is not working then wait some time and trying to open in incognito mode.
  • when it will work fine then you need to install WordPress on the subdomain. almost all control panel has auto-installer or Softaculous app installer.
  • Install WordPress on the subdomain name and then install the plugins Updraft backup.
  • When it will finish installing activate it and goto the updraft section under the setting. you see many options choose to set under updraft backup plugin.
  • Choose one of the remote storage which one you choose when you created a backup on your main website. I choose the google Drive option so I will click on the drive option. now goes down and save the setting.
  • You will see the authentication message from the updraft so click and choose the same google id where we created backup.
  • Done after you authenticate google drive you may log out simply log in again & it will be done.
  • WordPress website is a contains heavy database and files,  if you planning to transfer your website to another host then you will be stuck. Take your website’s full backup in your hosting panel.
  • When your database and files are uploaded then you should transfer your files in your domain section or you need to change the domain path location.
  • After all the steps are done. you need to open your DNS setting and change your web hosting IP address with a new one where you want to transfer your website.

I think your website runs like a charm. If you follow all these steps you will not get any obstacle in the transfer of your website to a new host.


In the end please read carefully all the processes. I describe here all the important points in this article, every single step is included. If you have any issue after reading the article then you can comment freely. In this process, we clearly mention that please create the latest backup of your website. If anything goes wrong you can restore your website easily.

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  1. Hello there, I am getting an error while downloading the backup file. I am using All in one migration plugin to backup my files. The error says “Unable to download the host file”. Can you please suggest a fix for this issue?

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