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hello guys, I know almost every blogger uses Cloudflare CDN because it protects your website from many types of attack. Cloudflare gives the best services and it is also free for a small website. Cloudflare’s best function is to disclose your website’s main IP address. If you don’t know what is Cloudflare and what is the use of Cloudflare you can read the previous post we describe and explain in detail.

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But everyone can signup easily but most the bloggers do not use Cloudflare services. You should have to know about how to setup Cloudflare services. Cloudflare has the page rules and firewall rule both option.

  • Page rule for your website performance, cache & minify.
  • Firewall rule for protecting your website strongly.

»Setup page rule for WordPress

How we set up page rules for WordPress or a static website. In the free plan of Cloudflare, you will get only a 3-page rule that means you can create 3-page rules for your website.

Basically page rule is the rule for your website and Cloudflare follows this for cache store of your website and speeds up your website. We use many plugins for caching our website but if you use Cloudflare then I think you will not need any caching plugin.

Now, first of all, you need to login/register in the Cloudflare account then add your website(if you did not add till now).

  1. Go to the page rule option. Then you will see left 3-page rule means you can make only 3-page rule-free after paid.
  2. Click on the create page rule and add your website URL like {**} which means all of your websites works through this page rule.
  3. Choose the settings according to you Cloudflare provides many setting on a specific page which you entered.
  4. The worst part of page rule now if you want to enter into your admin page then you can not log in because Cloudflare cache every page of your website. So you need to create an extra page rule for your admin area page.
  5. Now click on create a new page rule for {*} and set here to cache clear means cache is disabled for your particular URL. you need to create one more URL for login {*}
cloudflare rule
Source: Cloudflare


As of my website page rules, you can create your website faster. you will impress the speed of your website. It does not matter what type of hosting you are using because Cloudflare create a cache of your website and sent it to all our server and when a visitor come and visit the site Cloudflare provide a page at the nearest Cloudflare data center.

Try these settings on your website and tell us in the comment section how it is work.

Firewall Rule in

Every website owner wants to protect your website against hackers. if you are using Cloudflare then you don’t need any other security website or plugin which are widely used in WordPress. you need to create firewall rules in Cloudflare according to you. Cloudflare protects you from the unmetered DDOS attack which is really impressive.

Firewall Setting on Cloudflare 

You need to set up a firewall manually there are many options for protecting your website. you can control your visitors through firewall protection. you can block a country if you don’t want to see our content or product in a particular country then you can easily block by the firewall.

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account and click on the firewall option.
  2. You can see there is four option and choose the firewall rule
  3. To create a rule on your WordPress login page to protect unauthentic login attempts.
  4. you can choose a range of IP address to access your WordPress login page.
CLoudflare Firewall
Source: Cloudflare


You can see here that I create some firewall rules for my website and block these pages for visitors if visitors want to open these pages then he cannot open these pages because it is protected by Cloudflare and users see a 403 error page on his screen.

You can create 5 firewall rules according to your choice after that they will be charged for extra can protect your full website through Cloudflare if you need any assistance then the comment section is waiting for you.


Cloudflare is a big brand and runs over many years in the internet industry so you can easily trust them and they also clear that they want the internet simple and easy.if you choose Cloudflare then you do not need an SSL certificate for your domain Cloudflare provides you a free SSL service. these services are amazing if you do not use Cloudflare then you must try it.

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