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Bluehost is a Webhosting company, In the digital era, everyone wants to set up a business online. you need to know how to set up and get your business online.

Web hosting is the name to help you to live your business online. If you are a beginner then you don’t know how to choose the best hosting for business online. don’t be panic I will explain how could you set up it.

To set up your business online you need to buy a hosting webserver to host your website files. do you know every online website uploaded on a server and server serve content who is requesting?

To take a reliable and durable web hosting we give you the best web hosting review you can buy it and expand your fame and businesses.

Bluehost is the best leading hosting provider they can provide you best hosting which type you want they have many packages for every person who needs it.

Bluehost special offer

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Bluehost Reviews

Bluehost gives the best affordable price and service which factor is given by Bluehost there are listed reviewing factor that you can feel it is reliable or not.

  • Free Domain name
  • Best for WordPress
  • Trustworthy
  • Prices
  • Support
  • Free SSL certificate
  •  Extra addon
  • Uptime guarantee
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Bluehost gives many services in this field you can buy here VPS, dedicated server, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and much more. These are the specified separately because it is provided extra features and advantages of which you want.

Free Domain name


Bluehost gives you a free domain name for life in their every plan gives you a free domain name. Basically, Bluehost sells domains but the prices of the domain are high if you want to buy Bluehost hosting then you don’t need to buy a separate domain.

Still, you have not decided on your domain name. then you can buy hosting without a domain and after you decided you can take your domain name after purchasing a hosting package.

Bluehost choose your domain name later

The value of the domain is $11.99(Approx. $12).

You can transfer your domain to another service provider after 60 days of purchasing.

Best for WordPress

If you are working on WordPress then you are suggested to use Bluehost for hosting. Bluehost hosting over 2M WordPress websites. If you have or you want to make a WordPress website then go for Bluehost.

wordpress bluehost


Bluehost contribution in open source

Bluehost company was founded by Matt Heaton in 2003 and now in 2018. He increased his community and now there are several employees who work in Bluehost company. they say that “We power websites all over the world and support thousands more every day”.You can set your mind about his reliability, they are working with too many companies, developers community, and open source project.

Endurance international

You can trust this company because this is a reputed company. anyone does not want to lose our reputation so you can easily trust on this website.

Prices of Bluehost

Bluehost Basic Plan

Now talk about Bluehost prices there are the best prices in comparison to another reputed hosting company. Prices are fluctuated by the time if you take a long time plan then prices are reduced, if you want a short-term plan then you need Pay extra.

This is the normal and low-cost plan there are you give these benefits  50GB pure SSD Storage that is very fast and effective for your website speed.

Normally Bandwith is unlimited which is an important factor because many web hosting providers do not provide unlimited bandwidth.

SSL is included in this plan you get a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for the lifetime. If you want to set up your own SSL certificate you can setup it via Bluehost Control Panel.

In this Plan, you can host only one website if you want to host more websites then you can upgrade anytime whenever you want.

Email storage is the only 100MB that is not enough. you have only 100MB email storage which you can not increase in this plan you have to upgrade.

You can create 25 subdomains in this plan.

If you want to buy/ upgrade your plan then these are the list of shared web hosting.

Bluehost shared hosting plans

Bluehost shared hosting plan

Bluehost Discounted Link

These are the prices of this company but actually, if you need hosting for 3 years then you will get hosting on shows discounted price.

Bluehost basic plan prices
Bluehost basic plan 36 months price

This price is showing only for the basic plan if you want to choose another plan then its rates are different.

This is the full chart review of the price. There are prices increase by the time if you choose his 12-months time basic plan. Then you have to pay  $59.40 but you choose a 36-month basic plan then you have to pay $106.20.

you can choose which one is affordable for you. if you want a short time plan then you can buy it to pay extra money. Otherwise, you must choose a long-term plan.

Support 24/7

Bluehost organization gives you 24/7 support. they provide a live chat option if you have a concern about any issue you can live chat with experts.


Bluehost support

In the support section, you can call, email, and chat with Bluehost company. According to many websites, the support of the Bluehost company is quick and considerate.

you have any issue about billing, domain, hosting, and any internal issue you can directly contact and they will surely help you out.

Free SSL Certificate

In every plan, you have included a free SSL certificate. you don’t need to extra work on SSL because it will be pre-installed on your website.

Bluehost ssl

These are the term and conditions of a free SSL certificate. Now every website use https:// over http:// cause of security reason. Every activity between you and your visitor must be secure. Nowadays Google encourages websites that use an SSL certificate.

Extra Addon

With every plan, Bluehost provides add-ons for your website. these are not included, you can buy if you want to use them.

Extra Addon like-

  • Site Lock Security
  • Codeguard Basic
  • Bluehost SEO Tools
Bluehost extra addons

and much more. these tools help you to increase your website security and Seo.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is the main factor in the web-hosting section. you can’t ignore the downtime of your website. Bluehost gives you a 99.99% uptime guarantee. That is the best clarification for customers their website never can see downtime by month in the chart.

Bluehost uptime guarantee

In this chart, you can see that the downtime of the website is almost 100% in 2018. The Response time of the server is almost a good server reply quickly.

30 Days Money-Back  Guarantee

Bluehost gives you a money-back guarantee. if you purchase hosting from Bluehost and in 30 days you have any concern/problem you can cancel your order at any time in between 30 days.

Bluehost money back

Before cancel, any product read the company’s terms and conditions. They deduct your money for the domain name and that charges may be high. If you want to cancel your hosting then you must be applied within 30 days.

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Final decision

Start a journey from today and build your website for your business or blog with Bluehost. In my opinion, Bluehost is trustworthy with adequate cost Because if you going to another hosting provider the price may be high in comparison to Bluehost. The support of the company is average they always tried to help people in the meantime. The uptime and response time of the server is maintained as you see the data the uptime of Bluehost server is decently set up and working well. and both are different and I am talking about if you plan to buy a hosting then click on the extra discounted link. you will be auto redirect to his website and you can buy easily any plan.

Any other suggestion/review for Bluehost then give your opinion in the comment box.

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